EU’s Own Goal by Playing Politics With Russian Vaccine — Strategic Culture

The Russian developer of the vaccine says there are other deals underway with Spain, France and Germany to manufacture the Sputnik V shot locally. This follows several EU and non-EU members already approving use of the Russian vaccine, including Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, as well as Serbia, Moldova and Montenegro.

Russia slammed the EMA for its unscientific remarks. The Russian vaccine has been proven to be highly effective and efficient in treating Covid-19 cases, including cases from new virulent variants. It has been validated by the esteemed peer-reviewed Lancet journal and dozens of national regulators around the world. Over 40 nations have approved the treatment with Sputnik V and it has emerged as a leading vaccine in worldwide uptake, especially among poorer nations which can better afford the Russian jab compared with more expensive Western treatments.

EU’s Own Goal by Playing Politics With Russian Vaccine — Strategic Culture

Why is it that we have a global economy when it comes to everything else, but not with vaccines? Why do certain billionaires play games to only allow their ‘pet’ vaccine into certain countries, while blocking all others? Why is free choice not allowed when it comes to the dozens of choices available among Coronavirus vaccines being rolled out all over the world?