Hong Kong Halts Pfizer Vaccinations After Finding “More Than 50” Defects Like Cracked Vials | ZeroHedge

But Pfizer, at least, might soon have to deal with a problem of its own. Because the South China Morning Post reported Wednesday that they had suspended vaccinations using the Pfizer-BioNTech after local frontline staff discovered more than 50 instances of defective packaging, like cracked and leaking vials.

Here’s more from the SCMP.

The city government on Wednesday announced the cancellation of bookings at all 21 community vaccination centres providing the German-made jab “until further notice”. The suspension of the scheme came as Hong Kong recorded 10 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday. Director of Health Dr Constance Chan Hon-yee told a press conference that staff working on Hong Kong’s Covid-19 vaccination programme had previously reported eight incidents of cracked BioNTech vials and 22 air pressure issues resulting in leaks, all of which she said had been relayed to the manufacturer.