WHO does not recommend homeopathy against COVID-19-Homeopathy for coronavirus treatment: Does it work?

Ministry of AYUSH, in its latest guidelines, issued an advisory to states across the country recommending the use of a traditional homeopathic drug, Arsenic album 30 as a form of preventive medicine against COVID-19. Its prophylactic use has been advised in states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Maharashtra and in some places, it has been used in high-risk areas. In places like Bhopal, claims were raised when doctors said that mild COVID cases were successfully treated with homeopathy.

A cheap cure, Arsenic album has been considered to fight off any inflammation in the body. This medicine is also effective in treating throbbing frontal headache, burning chest pain, restless, and fearful.

Homeopathy has also been suggested to battle some of the other symptoms associated with a flu-like infection, which have also been observed in COVID positive patients. The use of homeopathic medicines like Eupatorium Perfoliatum Q, Belladonna 3c and others given in high frequency helps reduce the acute discomfort that patients feel, without the addition of many allopathic medicines.