Black Gold material breakthrough!

“Black” gold that harvests sunlight and uses it to turn carbon dioxide (CO2) into useful chemicals and fuel, has been developed by a team of researchers from India and Seoul.

One of the most amazing things about nanomaterials, concerns their design properties. It´s astonishing how in a nanoparticle of a particular element, the same atom disposed in different geometries from that of the bulk confers a completely different behavior regarding chemical or physical properties (conductivity, resistance, melting point, etc) to that of the bulk material … it´s like we were dealing with a completely different element!

This black gold not also has the ability to absorb both visible and the near-infrared Sun radiation -which makes it a perfect candidate for high-efficiency solar panels-, but it also absorbs carbon dioxide, which is something not possible with traditional gold.

resonancescience Black Gold material breakthrough!