Antibody Theory: The Fatal Flaw In The Vaccination Agenda? – Vaccine Impact

We can obtain some idea of the complexity of the subject from The Integrity of the Human Body, by Sir Macfarlane Burnet. He calls attention to the fact—the mystery—that some children can never develop any antibodies at all, but can nevertheless go through a typical attack of, say, measles, make a normal recovery and show the normal continuing resistance to reinfection. Furthermore, we have heard for years past of attempts made to relate the amount of antibody in patients to their degree of immunity to infection. The, results have often been so farcically chaotic, so entirely unlike what was expected, that the scandal has had to be hushed up—or put into a report, which is much the same thing (vide M.R.C. Report, No. 272, May 1950, A Study of Diphtheria in Two Areas of Great Britain, now out of print). The worse scandal, however, is that the radio is still telling the schools that the purpose of vaccinating is to produce antibodies. The purpose of vaccinating is to make money!”—Lionel Dole

“In order to better grasp the issue of vaccine effectiveness, it would prove helpful for us to go back to the early theoretical foundation upon which current vaccination and disease theories originated. In simplest terms, the theory of artificial immunization postulates that by giving a person a mild form of a disease, via the use of specific foreign proteins, attenuated viruses, etc., the body will react by producing a lasting protective response e.g., antibodies, to protect the body if or when the real disease comes along.

To afford us with a continuing historical perspective of events since Manwaring’s time, we can next turn to the classic work on auto-immunity and disease by Sir MacFarlane Burnett, which indicates that since the middle of this century the place of antibodies at the centre stage of immunity to disease has undergone “a striking demotion.” For example, it had become well known that children with agammaglobulinaemia–who consequently have no capacity to produce antibody–after contracting measles, (or other zymotic diseases) nonetheless recover with long-lasting immunity. In his view it was clear “that a variety of other immunological mechanisms are functioning effectively without benefit of actively produced antibody.”34

In the early 70’s we find an article in the Australian Journal of Medical Technology by medical virologist B. Allen (of the Australian Laboratory of Microbiology and Pathology, Brisbane) which reported that although a group of recruits were immunized for Rubella, and uniformly demonstrated antibodies, 80 percent of the recruits contracted the disease when later exposed to it. Similar results were demonstrated in a consecutive study conducted at an institution for the mentally disabled. Allen–in commenting on herb research at a University of Melbourne seminar–stated that “one must wonder whether the . . . decision to rely on herd immunity might not have to be rethought.36

Antibody Theory: The Fatal Flaw In The Vaccination Agenda? – Vaccine Impact

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  1. I want to commend SOME of the News Media for coming forward about some important facts about the Covid-19 Vaccine thats causing SOME individuals to have negative medical reactions from the Vaccine.

    Hopefully Drug Mfg had good intentions when the Covid-19 Vaccine was produced and personally I do not oppose Drug Mfg because we in some scenarios needs drugs to survive, however I am not a physician but something appears to be amiss with the Covid-19 Vaccine concepts.

    My education is in Business and Marketing and after indepentently studying Vitamins over 25 years, I’m wishing I had studied Medicine.

    The second week of April 2021, there were News Reports from several states about adverse individual reactions from the Covid-19 Vaccine and it was about ” ONE Drug Mfg “, which was somewhat UNFAIR, because there were miniscule News reporting when the Covid-19 Vaccine was initiated and there were a number of adverse effects ?

    What was atonishing one medical professional blame the Covid-19 Vaccine adverse affects on the heat in the environment ,in part, that may have been TRUE.

    When will the Medical Professionals and DRUG MFG blame the Covid- 19 Vaccine adverse reactions on HUMANS own MENTAL AND PHYSICAL MAKE-UP that are not the same and each body reacts accordingly ?

    A case in point myself, I was inadvertently exposed to Hydrogen Sulphide on a part-time job while in college, at one time I could consume Shell-Fish now I am allergic. On another job I was inadvertently exposed to Pesticides, now I am DEADLY allergic to Shell-Fish vapors and fumes that will cause my airways to shut down, my face will become completely disfigured, fingers will swell if I touch.

    I have indicated the above to say some individuals can eat Shell-Fish with no problem, but when you have an allergy your body reacts accordingly, the same happens with Vaccines, over the counter drugs, prescribed drugs and herbs.

    Although it could be expensive and no HUMAN OR THING IS PERFECT, when Drug Mfg and Medical Professionals acknowledge / accept that all HUMANS MENTAL and PHYSICAL MAKE-UP are not the same and their body reacts accordingly, they can produce drugs that will BENEFIT EVERYONE, which will possibly end / minimized side affects AND deaths.

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