One thought on “Idaho governor issues executive order; 4th state banning ‘vaccine passports’ – YouTube

  1. Congratulations to Idaho Governor for banning Vaccine Passports

    Yes the general public need Med Professionals and Drug Mfg..

    If the Covid-19 Vaccine was Guaranteed and all HUMANS Make-Up were the SAME, maybe then you could discuss ” POSSIBLE ” Vaccine Passports.

    Furthermore there is no difference when SOME / OR ALL Med Professionals telling their patients or the general public its ok to take the Vaccine. The Vaccine was expedited, where is the documented evidence showing compatabilities and incompatabilities with HUMANS various medical conditions, herbs, over the counter drugs, prescribed drugs and foods with the Covid-19 VACCINE ?

    And I have indicated this in numerous comments, each HUMAN Mental and Physical Make-UP are not the same and THEIR BODIES REACT ACCORDINGLY, this is why you have some individuals who are allergic, this is why you have SOME who have had. adverse reactions to the Covid-19 Vaccine and others who have no effects from the Covid-19 Vaccine.

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