Vaccine Passports: THIS Is Where It Leads – YouTube

Vaccination passports are creating public and political dispute across the world. Is this debate a matter of civil liberties, and can the state compel you to take a vaccine with the reward of everyday freedoms? #vaccinepassport#vaccinepassports

(1) Vaccine Passports: THIS Is Where It Leads – YouTube

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  1. There are a number of things individuals in Authority can do before discussing Vaccine Passports.

    1. Accept and document that all HUMANS Mental and Physical Make-Up are not the same and
    their bodies react accordingly with foods, herbs, over the counter drugs, prescribed drugs and

    2. Document all deaths, aggravations, hospitalizations and permanent injuries from all Vaccine
    providers and apprise the general public, so they can make their own decisions about taking the
    Vaccine, excluding or including their own physicians.

    3. Since the Covid-19 Vaccine was expedited for use there was no documented evidence showing
    incompatability and compatability with food, herbs, over the counter drugs, prescribed drugs and
    HUMANS past and present medical condition, this in itself eliminate medical professionals from
    indicating and making an educated guess to HUMANS its OK to take the Covid-19 Vaccine..

    If the above three items are not ADHERED too and MANDATED, Vaccine Passports are VOID

    Just making ONE EXAMPLE, before COVID-19 was it a requirement for anyone who was entering a building to show their certified current medical report or Vaccine Passport. ( Read between the lines ).

    NO I am not a Physician, just sincerely utilizing common sense.


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