Denmark Becomes First in EU to Drop AstraZeneca Vaccine

(Bloomberg) — Denmark has become the first country in the European Union to drop AstraZeneca Plc’s vaccine from its Covid-19 inoculation program amid concerns over serious side effects.

Soren Brostrom, the head of the Danish Health Authority, said on Wednesday that his “best estimate” based on local research suggests a 1-in-40,000 risk of getting a blood clot after an Astra shot. He also said the higher incidence of clotting among younger women appears to be linked to the fact that a lot of health-care workers were inoculated early on, many of whom are female.

Danish authorities said that people who have already received a first Astra shot will be offered their second jab from another producer, such as Pfizer Inc./BioNTech SE or Moderna Inc.

Denmark Becomes First in EU to Drop AstraZeneca Vaccine

So vaccines according to the mass media are all safe and effective, plus they cannot cause any negative side effects or deaths. So why did an entire country decide to ban one out of three COVID-19 vaccines? Maybe Denmark came to the conclusion that they are not safe nor effective?

Why is one safe and effective when another is not?

What made them change their minds?

How can they be offered another jab from a different manufacturer, when those same vaccine producers warn people to NOT mix and match? How can that be safe and effective, when no studies have been done on mixing and matching different vaccines in the first and second doses?

One thought on “Denmark Becomes First in EU to Drop AstraZeneca Vaccine

  1. Some individuals can Read and WRITE, but SOME individuals cannot understand what they just WROTE and READ, this is true with an unknown number of individuals.

    One of my College classmates was told to read a paragraph in a book one day by our Professor, when he read he did not read but he was calling out words one at a time. I said to myself how did this person become a junior in college.

    I have indicated the above to say ( and I am not a physician ) when Medical Professionals ACCEPT and AGREE that all HUMANS Mental and Physical Make-up are not the same and their body react accordingly, the controversy with Vaccines, prescribed drugs, over the counter drugs, herbs and food will subside.

    ” SOME or ALL ” Medical Professionals are indicating its OK to take the Covid-19 Vaccine, this is saying ,in part, no HUMANS or allergic, which is not true.

    ” Yes we need Drug Mfg and Med Professionals. ”

    When the Covid-19 Vaccine was Marketed to the General Public…….did it come with documented Human incompatibles and compatibles various medical conditions ?

    There were adverse reactions from the Covid -19 Vaccine ” at its inception ” and it continues to be ?

    Is the Covid-19 Vaccine for one type or Human Physical Make-Up ?

    Is their a Covid-19 Vaccine for individuals with various PHYSICAL MAKE-UP and medical conditions, if so where are the other Vaccines ?

    The Covid-19 Vaccine was EXPEDITED, however did it come with DOCUMENTED PRECAUTIONS acknowledging no HUMAN BODY is 99% PERFECTLY produced ” if so ” where are the various Covid-19 Vaccine for all various human conditions ?


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