Shifting Wounds

If you have a persistent theme or wound that is coming up for you that you don’t seem to be able to shift, it can be helpful to ask the following: How am I perpetuating the aggravation of this wound? Are you showing up for yourself or are you attempting to sweep your needs under the rug? Are you making poor choices that keep the wound active or are you creating a safe space for healing to occur? Are you pushing against the issue or are you compassionately approaching it from a space of acceptance, healing, and love?

What am I yearning for that only I can give myself? It may be that the one thing you want more than anything is your own love and affection. By denying that you could be keeping abandonment/worthiness issues active. Love yourself enough to be there for any wounded aspects of self as many times as it takes for them to settle into safe attachment with you as you assume the role of your own guide, parent, and trusted friend.

Trinity Esoterics | Daily Message ~ Sunday April 18, 2021