Student Makes Paper Bags From Fallen Leaves To Prevent Deforestation

When Valentyn Frechka was 19 years old and still a student living in rural Ukraine, he began working on a science project to turn fallen leave from plants into biodegradable paper and cardboard bags. Three years later, the project advanced considerably, and he began running an initiative called “Re-leaf Paper,” producing paper bags and packaging from fiber extracted from dead leaves.

He has since partnered with a local cardboard manufacturing business and founded a small company based in Zhytomyr, Ukraine (140 km (87 miles) west of the capital Kyiv), aiming to reduce the environmental impact of paper production. During his time with the cardboard company (before he teamed up with it to launch Re-leaf Paper), he learned about the paper industry

intelligentliving Student Makes Paper Bags From Fallen Leaves To Prevent Deforestation