The Streets of Copenhagen Will Soon Have Communal Fruit Trees

Soon people roaming the streets of Copenhagen won’t need to buy snacks, they can pick fruit off the trees. The city council recently voted to plant fruit trees for the community. A delicious variety of trees will be planted, including apple trees and blackberry bushes. They will be planted in public areas such as parks, churchyards, and playgrounds.

The council aims to reconnect people with local vegetation and flora. The present generation of Danish people has lost the connection with plants and food. Hopefully, by planting fruit trees and vegetation, the traditional flavors in the diet can be re-introduced.

Visitors in Denmark who are unfamiliar with its natural resources can use a free mobile app called Vild Mad, which means “wild food” in Danish. The app educates people about foraging and guides users through the country’s forests and beaches to find ripe and local ingredients. Those who don’t know about their locations and the different ingredients will find it useful. Vild Mad also suggests tasty recipes made from the wild ingredients.

intelligentliving The Streets of Copenhagen Will Soon Have Communal Fruit Trees