Deepak Chopra on why psychological immunity is an essential part of wellness today

Medicine has been slow to recognize that non-physical immunity exists. The focus has been on the physical pathogens like bacteria and viruses that abound in the external world. But over a century ago Freud wrote about the “psychopathology of everyday life,” from which everyone needs protecting. Mental pathogens are invisible but potent, beginning with the universal experience of negative emotions like fear, anger, hatred, greed and jealousy. 

We can become emotionally toxic and infect others the way a viral contagion spreads. The psychological version of an epidemic occurs in scenes of mob violence, widespread racism and the virulence of us-versus-them thinking. A society rife with misinformation and hate speech can find itself more helpless than facing a physical pandemic — no one needs reminding at this point. 

These are all qualities of consciousness, which society is currently not set up to address with the importance they require. Millions of people have security systems installed to protect their homes while living in a state of emotional insecurity, self-doubt and denial — this leaves aside the growing epidemic of anxiety and depression that has netted drug companies billions of dollars over the past few decades. 

By this measure, countless people are training themselves to deliberately weaken their psychological immunity. In order to fit in, they conform to social norms, fall in line with a certain political angle, and devote endless hours to distractions that require nothing but passive participation. None of these, however, improves the psychological immunity everyone can find through expanded awareness. 

Yahoo Deepak Chopra on why psychological immunity is an essential part of wellness today