Shedding Woo – Extinction Level Event? – Forbidden Knowledge TV

Clif says, “We’ve got this situation where people who are vaccinated are shedding cells, as we all do, continuously all day long; they’re shedding cells that have the vaccinated, pre-loaded MRNA in them. This vaccinated, pre-loaded MRNA is potentially a cause for this new reported phenomenon going around, which is women are having extremely rough periods; that menstruation has become very painful and debilitating and very suddenly.

“And prior to that, we had noticed that there was a huge rise in the statistical reporting of miscarriages across all of the Western world, where vaccines had been put out and where we had this mass-inoculation program going on. Miscarriages were just up 500% and 600% in just a little over a month and a half.

“So this is not a good sign. I was very much afraid that MRNA could be passed by kissing or by sex. We now know that that’s true, that’s happening. And now it looks like there’s MRNA passage is being done through contact with shed skin cells which have the MRNA within them – also, all the cells we respirate…

“There may be enough people inoculated with the vaccine that we’re now going to push infertility on most of the populace, due to the close contact of the vaccinated with the other unvaccinated and fertile people. We may, as a result of this have to alter our social order, to where the vaccinated people are put in some kind of coventry, where they’re excluded from contact with non-vaccinated; where they’re isolated and held back, so that the species can continue…

VIDEO: Shedding Woo – Extinction Level Event – Forbidden Knowledge TV

Time will tell if this is a pure garbage conspiracy theory, or actual prediction based on what is happening now and will get worse as more people get the jab, and then ‘shed’ the mRNA around to others in various ways.

As one commenter below this video said, her female dogs were all affected. Out of 3 pregnant female dogs, 1 miscarried, and 2 only got one pup to term and birth. All were young and healthy.