Dr Jen; MRNA Vaccine Literacy And Innate Immune System, Leads To Natural Lifelong Immunity

Just about everyone has within them an innate immune system, capable to defending itself naturally against all pathogens, via a natural immune system response.

Why is it that we now are being ‘programmed’ by the mass media to believe that our immune system cannot handle even a fairly weak Coronavirus, which is in the same family as the ordinary cold virus?

Why are naturally immune people who have been exposed and beat COVID-19 and who now have natural immunity being required to get a vaccine that they do not need, in order to fill in a vaccine passport card, which has no space or ‘allowance’ for those people who are naturally immune to COVID-19 for life, in a natural way?

Why is it that we are all being ‘programmed’ to believe that only experimental mRNA vaccines can protect us artificially by triggering this same innate natural immune system?

Why not build herd immunity by allowing the natural innate immune system that everyone has to operate the way Nature intended?

Why is the mass media not focusing on ways to strengthen the natural immune system, with things like exercise, whole foods organic diet, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and foods/herbs that have natural anti viral properties?

Why is it that only billionaires are getting richer and gaining even more absolute power as their small business competition is being strangled to death, with hundreds of millions of people unemployed, unable to work and losing everything they worked for?

One thought on “Dr Jen; MRNA Vaccine Literacy And Innate Immune System, Leads To Natural Lifelong Immunity

  1. In reference to the Innate Immune System, and again I am not a Physician, however I have independently studied Vitamins for over 20 years.

    When ( SOME or ALL ) Medical Professionals accept that all Humans Mental and Physical Make-Up are not the same and their body reacts accordingly, they can be treated in more of a sensible way.

    Furthermore we talk about Humans eating properly to keep their immunity in a protection mode, as some know some cannot afford to eat the proper foods, some refuse to eat the proper foods, some do not know about the proper foods to eat.

    Yes their are foods to eat to keep your immune system up to par and their are over the counter drugs good too, however we must not forget some individuals are allergic to certain foods and drugs and you have to proceed with caution and follow directions.


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