BREAKING: Florida To End All COVID-19 Restrictions; DeSantis Signs

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has set an incredibly positive precedent for the health freedom movement in the US, and the world at large, by using his executive powers to terminate all local COVID-19 orders, effective immediately, and by signing a bill which will significantly limit the governments’ ability to shut down schools, and businesses. 

Clearly, DeSantis’ actions are in full alignment with the beliefs and experiences of millions of Floridians, and many more in the US and the world, who believe that governments’ response to the coronavirus outbreak have been profoundly disproportionate to the actual threat that has justified them, and that it is time to roll back these measures, and empower citizens, once again, to go about their socio-economic activities, which are essential to the health and well-being of everyone moving forward. 

Please join us in continuing the positive momentum, and remember that our campaigns are nationwide (including  also Canada), so if you are living in state that still needs to open up, or where they are stills masking their citizens, or coercing vaccination, or pushing for vaccine/health passports, you too can use any one of our campaigns, and contribute to having a positive impact in your local communities. Take a look at all the campaigns here

greenmedinfo BREAKING: Florida To End All COVID-19 Restrictions; DeSantis Signs