Virologist Dr Bossche: ‘We Are Going to Pay Huge Price’ for COVID Mass Vaccination Campaign – Centre for Research on Globalization

So that means that the virus can escape the immune response. And that is why I’m saying that these vaccines, I mean, in their own right, are, of course, excellent. But to use them in the midst of a pandemic and do mass vaccination, because then you provide within a very short period of time, the population with high antibody titers – so the virus comes under enormous pressure. I mean, that wouldn’t matter if you can eradicate a virus, if you can prevent infection, but these vaccines don’t prevent infection.

They protect against disease because we are just, unfortunately, we look no further than the end of our nose in the sense that hospitalization, that’s all what counts, you know, getting people away from the hospital. But in the meantime, we are not realizing that we give all the time during this pandemic, by our interventions, the opportunity to escape to the immune, to the immune system.

And that is of course, a very, very, very dangerous thing. Especially, if we realize that these guys, they only need 10 hours to replicate. So if you think that by making new vaccines, a new vaccine against the new infectious strains, we going to catch up, it’s impossible to catch up. I mean, virus is not going to wait until we have those vaccines ready. I mean, this thing continues.

Virologist: ‘We Are Going to Pay Huge Price’ for COVID Mass Vaccination Campaign – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization