How California’s Cities Strangle the Permit Process | Wolf Street

A San Jose developer blamed his massive delays and fly-specking comments—he called them “pointless and stupid”—on the fact that many cities now pay outside consultants on an hourly basis to do their plan checking. According to him, these consultants are interpreting building codes in the most rigid, overly restrictive manner possible, both to prove their mettle and double their fees.

Our firm has no immunity from this governmental indifference. We signed a lease on a fairly large retail space that had been vacant since the beginning of the Great Shut-Down. The new tenant was willing to take the space as-is, but needed to replace a backdoor with a wider, roll-up door to bring in merchandise. This scant work should have been approved over the counter.

Instead, after a couple months, the city’s external checker said the door needed further study. With this excuse, the tenant exercised its termination right, and we lost a substantial lease.

How California’s Cities Strangle the Permit Process | Wolf Street

The problem with privatizing all government functions is that government stops working.. People complain, thinking it is ‘bad government’, but in reality, it is the fascist privatization of public government into a FOR PROFIT enterprise that is causing all of the problems, including more red tape, more chaos, higher costs, etc.