Bill Gates Lied to Protect Vaccine Makers’ Profits Over Public Health • Children’s Health Defense

About 75% of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in high-income countries, while more than 100 countries haven’t administered even one dose.

Bill Gates has been adamant since the beginning of the pandemic that the only way to end it is by vaccinating the global population. In an April 2020 blog post, he stated, “We need to manufacture and distribute at least 7 billion doses of the vaccine” … “or possibly 14 billion, if it’s a multidose vaccine.” He also said, “I suspect the COVID-19 vaccine will become part of the routine newborn immunization schedule.”

Coincidentally, Gates also personally supported and participated in Event 201, which simulated a worldwide pandemic triggered by a novel coronavirus. The primary response to the simulated pandemic, which turned into reality just months later? Developing and distributing patentable antiviral medications and a new wave of vaccines.

Now that COVID-19 vaccines are here, however, Gates isn’t too keen on the idea of lifting the patent protection on them, which would open the doors for generic versions to be manufactured, increasing supplies and lowering costs — and ultimately getting more vaccines to middle- and low-income nations.

That was Gates’ stated goal, after all, so it’s ironic, then, that Gates told Britain’s Sky News that lifting patent protections on COVID-19 vaccines would not be useful — a statement that Krystal Ball, host of The Hill’s “Rising With Krystal and Saagar” morning show calls an outright lie driven by one word — greed.

Bill Gates Lied to Protect Vaccine Makers’ Profits Over Public Health • Children’s Health Defense