The Most Hyped Corners of the Stock Market Come Unglued | Wolf Street

And they’re joined by the IPO hype-boom stocks, including the spectacularly hyped highflyers that got shot down, such as Zoom (-49% from peak), Coinbase (-29%), or Airbnb (-35%), and they’re in turn joined by the ARK Innovation ETF (-34%). This whole thing has come unglued.

The EV SPAC boom-and-bust is reflected in the WOLF STREET EV SPAC Index, which has collapsed by 57% since its peak on February 17. The index tracks seven EV-related companies that have gone public via a merger with a SPAC: Nikola, QuantumScape (batteries for EVs), Canoo, Lordstown Motors, Romeo Power (batteries for EVs), XL Fleet (EV drive systems for fleets), and Lucid Motors. Since February 17, these seven stocks combined have shed $35 billion in value, which they should have never had in the first place. Easy come, easy go, except when it’s your money (data via YCharts):

These stocks and ETFs here were in the most hyped crowd, and many of them had experienced gravity-defying and logic-defying ascents. And those stocks have now come unglued, one after the other, on their on terms, with different timing. And there wasn’t a single trigger.

The Most Hyped Corners of the Stock Market Come Unglued | Wolf Street