Pine Needle Extract – Taiga from Taiga Professional only at Ergom

From a 4,600-year-old archive dealing with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), medicinal formulas with pine needles as an active ingredient have been found. There is even a Taoist habit of surviving only on pine needles in order to obtain supernatural powers. In the health systems of various Indian tribes, the green needles were (and are) being used to treat all kinds of physical discomforts.

Scandinavians use the branches in their saunas, and other cultures fill mattresses with pine needles to ward off lice, fleas and other insects, for example.

They discovered certain substances in pine needles that are probably responsible for the exceptional qualities of the pine trees: polyprenols. The polyprenols have an important function as a natural bioregulator in the trees and are found in small quantities in different plant tissues; however, they are found on a large scale in needles from the green pine. Dolichols (a derivative of these polyprenols) are found in all living things, including humans. In the liver, polyprenol is converted to dolichol. From there, dolichol performs numerous functions in biochemical processes.

Pine Needle Extract – Taiga from Taiga Professional only at Ergom