HEALING THE SHADOW The Personality’s Call For Help

Consider that, YOU ARE SOUL. You’re a thinking, feeling and all-intelligent (ever-evolving) being of the light. You create your body (by soul’s will) through which to experience human life and the realm of physicality (the 3D realm). And, as a soul who has created this human body, you’ve also created an IDENTITY – your PERSONALITY, through which you express yourself and through which you learn (via life) to express SOUL’S WISDOM.

To help you, just imagine that SOUL expresses itself, via the portal of your heart. And it’s via the portal of your head (your brain) that your personality is expressed. Your personality is created by the soul. It’s your human role. With the purpose of life being to wake-up to who you are and to then drop your head into your heart to take direct guidance from soul. When you can do this, your personality becomes the SPOKESPERSON for SOUL. This is when your head and heart are integrated and YOU know WHO YOU ARE.

When your head (personality) takes direction from the heart – authenticity flows. You follow your INTUITION (soul’s language). You pick up on and follow soul’s guidance and voice and you’re also in alignment with the flow of universal energy moving through you. This is the real YOU – the integrated head and heart you. All thinking and feeling happens, and is experienced in one harmonious flow.

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