Hold On Or Let Go?

When you are at the end of the road with something energetically, there will be no movement or support. Trying to stay in that energy will feel more and more uncomfortable. You may feel resistance in your body when you think of the situation or try to remain in it, usually a tightening in the abdominal area. To fight to stay in those energies would require you to deny your growth, to give away your power, or otherwise stay in a smaller version of yourself than you know is appropriate for you.

It is always wonderful to have hope. Hope is the optimistic light of your heart. But be aware if you are stubbornly holding on, it is often because you have a strong attachment to something turning out or looking a very specific way. If that is not happening, it is because it does not serve you or others to be in that version of your dream at this time. Sometimes people have to break apart for growth and expansion if it is not occurring within their dynamic with each other. Sometimes it takes time for a dream to come together and needs more elements to show up before it can become its highest version of itself.

Trinity Esoterics | Daily Message ~ Monday May 17, 2021