Arizona recount creates backlash in state | TheHill

The debate over the audit reached a breaking point Monday when the GOP-dominated Maricopa County Board of Supervisors sent a letter to Arizona’s Republican state Senate President Karen Fann demanding an end to the audit, saying that the process had made Arizona a “laughingstock.”

Critics of the audit have mocked how it has been carried out. In one widely panned effort, for instance, auditors examined ballots for traces of bamboo fibers based on a conspiracy theory that some 40,000 ballots cast for Biden had been flown in from Asia.

One longtime Arizona Republican operative said that the audit — and the politics surrounding it — had only served to worsen the GOP’s standing in Arizona, a longtime Republican stronghold that has transformed into a battleground, noting how the state delivered Democrats a series of high-profile victories over the past three years.

“The alarm bells should be going off in the party,” the operative said. “The focus should be on stopping the bleeding and then figuring out how to rebuild. Not on relitigating the election because the loser isn’t happy about how it turned out.”

Arizona recount creates backlash in state | TheHill