Elon Musk’s New Tesla Plant Runs Into Germany’s ‘Bureaucratic Hell’

Grünheide, in the state of Brandenburg, sits in what was East Germany, which remains poorer than the rest of the country since reunification 30 years ago. Local politicians were thrilled at the prospect of a project that would bring thousands of jobs and prestige to the area. “The whole region can look forward to new opportunities of development now thanks to the Tesla project which has really put Grünheide on the map globally,” Pamela Eichmann, chair of the Grünheide (Mark) local council, told Deutsche Welle this month.

While the town’s leaders might be rooting for the factory, plenty of others are not. The plant occupies a space between the A10 highway and Fangschleuse railway station, but it’s also a few miles from the Löcknitztal nature reserve that’s had protected status since 1984 and been registered as a fauna-flora-habitat area (FFH) since 1998. Grünheide literally translates as “Green Heath” from German.

So when one of the first steps to ready the 300-hectare site for Musk’s gigafactory was chopping down about 430 acres of forest, it wasn’t the best start–particularly for a company whose motto is “accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

Making matters worse, Tesla ran afoul of the district’s water authority, which discovered water pipes that had been installed without its permission. Tesla was allowed to continue construction work on April 12 after a brief suspension, but still faces a potential fine for the infraction, the Brandenburg Ministry for Agriculture, Environment and Climate Protection tells Forbes. Separately, the State Office for Occupational Safety and other agencies are reported to be investigating whether Tesla violated rules for minimum wages, working hours, conditions and worker housing during plant construction.

Elon Musk’s New Tesla Plant Runs Into Germany’s ‘Bureaucratic Hell’

Telsa, just like Trump, wants to remove all of these pesky environmental protection ‘rules’ and ‘laws’.

Why is it, that Nature must be destroyed in order to ‘save’ it?