Bill Gates on Track to Grow His Fortune Through Foundation’s Ties to Vaccine Makers • Children’s Health Defense

A telling piece in The Nation this week reports some of the conflicts of interest the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation holds in the world’s quest for a COVID-19 vaccine. According to the article, the foundation’s investments in companies working to develop COVID-19 vaccines put Gates “in a position to potentially reap considerable financial gains from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Even with all this, Gates doesn’t publicly disclose his conflicts of interest when appearing on TV as an expert on COVID-19. And, as The Nation reports, when Gates wrote an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, he simply listed his conflicts of interest as “numerous.” According to Forbes, Gates has seen his personal net worth increase by more than $10 billion since the onset of the pandemic.

Despite the Gates Foundation’s candid declaration to pursue “mutually beneficial opportunities” with vaccine manufacturers, it is rare to find reporting in mainstream media on the foundation’s conflicts of interest. This may be because the foundation funds a number of major media outlets, including NPR, BBC, ABC and Al Jazeera, as well as publications like The Daily Telegraph and the Financial Times. The Guardian’s entire “Global Development” section is made possible through a partnership with the Gates Foundation.

The foundation also invests in journalism training programs. According to the Seattle Times, “experts coached in Gates-funded programs write columns that appear in media outlets from The New York Times to the Huffington Post, while digital portals blur the line between journalism and spin.”

Bill Gates on Track to Grow His Fortune Through Foundation’s Ties to Vaccine Makers • Children’s Health Defense

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