A Requiem for QAnon

You see, according to Q, Trump, along with trustworthy military personnel, has been playing 4-D chess all along in order to oust all the Deep State criminals, try them in military tribunals, and sentence them to serve their prison terms in Guantanamo.

And when things turned dicey after the election, Q assured his followers that Trump was in control and was just giving the traitors enough rope to hang themselves. Key Q spokesmen including Charlie Ward, Robert David Steele, and Simon Parkes predicted “The Storm” would come on January 6th—not the storm that actually came, but one that would assure Trump remained in the White House. When that backfired dramatically, it was surely to come on January 20th. And when that failed, Trump was to be inaugurated on March 4th.

You’d think they would retire in disgrace after all these false promises, but noooo. The various Q spokesmen assure what may be their millions of followers that Trump will be inaugurated once more on…wait for it… July 4, 2021!

A Requiem for QAnon – News With Views