Different paths, different experiences

There has been much talk about fear lately. Fear, simply put, is contracting energy. You at your core are beings of love, and as such thrive in expansive energies.

But what we wish for you to understand is that what is fear for one might be expansion for another. For example, jumping out of an airplane might be unthinkable for one person, but the culmination of a dream for another. Interesting how the same activity could make one person panic and another feel so exhilarated and alive!

It is time to honour the free will and innate mastery of each other. It is also time to honour your own free will and settle into the idea that you are the only expert on you. If you stay in your heart, embrace your flow, and follow where your soul is calling you, you can never, ever make a mistake. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Trinity Esoterics | Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 19, 2021