Ford’s F-150 Lightning could end America’s addiction to the grid – SlashGear

Obviously, the 80A charger will recharge your F-150 Lightning. It’ll do it rapidly, too: eight hours to charge the Extended Range version, from 15-percent to totally full. Ford’s Mobile Charger would take about 19 hours to do the same.

However the charger also works in reverse. If the power in your home goes out – such as from a grid outage – then the Charge Station Pro can start pulling energy from the F-150 Lightning and using it to supply the house’s needs instead. That’s why it needs professional installation, so that it can be integrated with the home management system that Sunrun installs.

Ford says that, based on typical use, the Intelligent Backup Power system could keep a home running for three days. Scale back your power consumption, meanwhile, and you could extend that to up to 10 days, the automaker predicts.

Most people are resigned to the fact that, at some times of the day, their power company bills them more per kW for their energy supply. That’s one of the reasons home power batteries are popular, since you can store electricity when it’s cheap – or generated via solar – and then use it later on, when the grid rates are high. What Ford has in mind, though, is using the F-150 Lightning as that temporary battery.

Ford’s F-150 Lightning could end America’s addiction to the grid – SlashGear