Pfizer vaccine, the Rolls-Royce of poisons? | Center for Research on Globalization

Being inoculated with a vaccine is not trivial, especially in this case, we cannot really speak of vaccines, but of gene therapies that have never been tested on humans, of which we do not know none of the long-term effects, and which remain, whatever may be said, in the phase III experimental state until at least 2023. Did we forget to tell you that? However, this is public data provided by the manufacturers and centralized on the site .

Yes, I know, in today’s psychosis, the question may seem absurd, yet it is the first one you should answer in order to make the right decision, or the least bad in any case, in full knowledge of the facts.

You should know that covid does not kill everyone, far from it. In fact, if you are under 75 and do not suffer from any comorbidities (cancer, hypertension, etc.), you have virtually no chance of dying from it. The average age of those who died is 82, half of them were over 85 (median).

And yet we continue to sell you these vaccines as if they were harmless products, sometimes not even hesitating to encourage you to take them by offering you a small gift. In China it’s a box of eggs , in the US it’s marijuana , or a donut, or a Costco coupon, and it will probably come to France and Belgium as well. If these vaccines were the wonders we are told, would we really have to pay us to take them?

“Public Health Act 2016 (WA) – Instrument of authorization – Authorization to supply or administer a poison [SARS-COV-2 VACCINE (COVID-19) – Australian Defense Force] ( n ° 2) 2021 ″. So basically, to allow the Australian armed forces to vaccinate, it takes an executive order authorizing the supply and administration by them of a poisonous substance (poison). It’s not very reassuring, but at least it’s cash.

Pfizer vaccine, the Rolls-Royce of poisons? | Globalization – Center for Research on Globalization