BOMBSHELL: FDA inspectors document horrific conditions at J&J COVID-19 vaccine plant –

It’s all dirty, the whole American medical establishment. The FDA is dirty. The CDC is dirty. The vaccine manufacturers – dirty. Now they’re all playing the dirty game of trying to con all of the pro-science, pro-natural health enthusiasts into getting the jabs. They’re using propaganda and coercion tactics (think vaccine passports) to force us to inject dirty vaccines into our blood and tissue. Vaccines that are dirty with pathogens. Vaccines that are dirty with mRNA that create protein ‘prions’ that cause blood clots and dementia.

This has been going on for half a century in the USA. Even the polio vaccine was dirty. The inventor had no idea what he was doing, just incubating different combinations of polio strains in monkey tissue. It’s all been a con game since the outset, and the wool has definitely been pulled over the Sheeple’s eyes. The mRNA vaccine is the dirtiest of them all because it controls your immune system function and can shut it down with the flip of a switch (the second and third round of Covid jabs).

Over 15 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines were halted and trashed after FDA inspectors found ingredients from other vaccines in the Johnson & Johnson jabs, and discovered ‘brown residue’ all over the floors and walls, and open bags of medical waste being dragged around the facility. Talk about dirty vaccines, this is beyond all comprehension. This sounds like some (fast food) chicken processing plant, where the animals wallow in their own feces, infected with pathogens and then end up in everybody’s mouths, except in this case it’s dirty vaccines that end up killing people. No wonder some vaccines list E. coli and urea as “ingredients.”

BOMBSHELL: FDA inspectors document horrific conditions at J&J COVID-19 vaccine plant –

One thought on “BOMBSHELL: FDA inspectors document horrific conditions at J&J COVID-19 vaccine plant –

  1. More than likely employees of J & J and Companies in general take a Security Exam prior to employment and SOME or MOST humans know when Backgrounds checks, Security Clearances, Computer Polgraphs Exams are given to individuals seeking employment the Exams are not foolproof ( WHY ) the human mind regardless of how ” GOOD IT WAS AT A GIVEN TIME “, the human mind is subject to ” NEGATIVELY CHANGE AT ANY TIME WITHOUT NOTICE “.

    Also some may remember a science term ” The Law Of Inertia, which states an object in motion, will stay in motion, until acted upon by another force.

    The Human Brain can act similiar….A brain in motion, will stay in motion,until acted on by another force.


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