Memorial Day–Honoring the dissenters | Quakers, social justice and revolution

For those of us who believe in peace and oppose war, Memorial Day is a time to reflect on the militarism of this country. I find it especially troubling how the country has shifted away from formal declarations of war, to the declaration of the Korean War as a police action, to the undeclared Vietnam War. To the present day “war on terror” where U.S. military actions don’t respect borders, and armed drones kill those who have been declared, under nebulous authority, terrorists, often with significant civilian casualties. Each step making armed aggression move further away from public scrutiny. Making it more difficult to generate peace actions.

I was struck by the quote from the following article: no one will honor the dissenters who have resisted morally bankrupt wars (although the quote continues “from within the ranks of the U.S. military”, that sentiment it applies to all dissenters).

On Memorial Day, We Should Remember Most U.S. Wars Were Started for Resource Theft, Imperial Hubris and Racist Animus By Matt McKenna, CovertAction Magazine, May 30, 2021

While a student at Scattergood Friends School, I attended the national conference of Quakers who came together to write the 1968  Richmond Declaration on the Draft and Conscription. Richmond Declaration on the Draft

Memorial Day–Honoring the dissenters | Quakers, social justice and revolution