Canadian Federal Elections Suspended – Meet The Destroyers | My Dundas Valley

It is the responsibility of the government to tell us the TRUTH, not LIES. Instead, the politicians jumped on the opportunity to cancel the elections, because they knew that they would be kicked out of the office for their handling of this fake pandemic and their hypocrisy. Their “cases” are based on unreliable PCR tests. On January 20, 2021, WHO admitted this and posted new recommendation re. the testing procedure (lower the Ct Threshold to 25-30) and recommendation that the PCR test not be used for diagnosis without thorough clinical observation.

Canada ignored this recommendation because following it would drastically lower the number of false positive cases. Instead, the government introduced a new test, the rapid antigen Abbott test, which gives about 50% false positives, depending on the supply of the “extraction buffer” and the substitute use of physiological saline. The question is: WHY? To WAHT end? and In WHOSE interest?

Canadian Federal Elections Suspended – Meet The Destroyers | My Dundas Valley