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All of the Justice Centre’s services to the public are provided free of charge. We do not ask for or receive any government funding.  We are supported entirely by the voluntary donations of Canadians who cherish the Charter freedoms of expression, association, religion, conscience and peaceful assembly.

We seek to represent courageous clients who are willing to stand up for their human rights and Charter freedoms.  Due to the large volume of requests we receive, and our need to handle them efficiently, all case inquiries must be submitted online, not by telephone. Our legal team of staff lawyers and paralegals reviews each request carefully.  We are only able to take on a small fraction of the large number of cases that are submitted to us.

If you feel your constitutional freedoms have been violated by government (federal, provincial or municipal) or by a government entity (e.g. university, human rights commission, or professional association) please fill out the form below. After you have completed this form, a member of our legal team will be able to follow up with you if your case is suitable for further consideration by our te

Get Help | Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms