Open vaccine discussion akin to a national security threat or digital hate? No-Cost Access to NVIC’s 5th International Vaccine Conference

In its “Anti-Vaxx Playbook,”2 the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) identified six leading online “anti-vaxxers,” which include not only yours truly but also Fisher. In the Playbook, CCDH details the messages shared by me and others during the conference, such as:

Deaths being falsely attributed to COVID-19, thereby artificially inflating mortality statistics

The fact that COVID-19 has a 99%+ survival rate unless you’re very old and have underlying comorbidities

The fact that there are now several effective therapeutics for COVID-19, making a vaccine less relevant

However, the CCDH report presents these messages without any counterarguments. It does not negate or even debate the accuracy of any of them. It just brushes them aside as “misinformation” and “lies” without providing any proof whatsoever, and in doing so, it actually ends up strengthening our messaging.

In fact, the report summarizes our concerns so well that I’d encourage everyone to read it3 — it is, in essence, attempting to accomplish via censorship the opposite of what NVIC is striving for. Where CCDH is fighting to make open vaccine discussion akin to a national security threat or digital hate, NVIC serves a truly crucial public health service centered on transparency and science.

You simply cannot make an informed decision if you’re only allowed to hear one side of the equation — the supposed benefit side — while potential adverse effects, which may be lifelong, are hidden or denied. CCDH called NVIC’s conference “private,”4 but it was and still is very much public and you’re free to view it in its entirety.

Dr Mercola No-Cost Access to NVIC’s 5th International Vaccine Conference