Proof the Covid-19 Jabs Should be Stopped Now | Dr Vernon Coleman

I’ve been warning about the covid-19 jabs for many, many months. My first videos detailing the very real dangers were published last year. In this video I’m going to prove, beyond any question, that the whole experimental jabbing programme should be halted immediately. The lunatics have truly taken over the asylum and they could kill billions with these jabs alone.

But instead of halting the roll out of a vaccine that hasn’t been properly tested, doesn’t work and isn’t needed, the authorities in some countries are already jabbing children and in others are pushing for children to be jabbed. This is total lunacy. Jabbing adults with this toxic brew is madness but at least most adults have a choice. Children are being jabbed with dangerous poison straight out of the witches’ cauldron in Macbeth, and they don’t have the faintest idea what is happening to them. There is absolutely no informed consent and they are being given an experimental vaccine that doesn’t do what people believe it does, to protect them from a disease which I have proved, in a previous video, is nothing more than the rebranded flu.

Wicked lies are being spread about giving the experimental jab to children. Attempts are being made to put children under peer pressure to accept, ask for or even demand the covid-19 jab.

zVIDEO: Proof the Covid-19 Jabs Should be Stopped Now | Dr Vernon Coleman