What do Covid-19 vaccines, canola oil and margarine have in common? They all clog your blood

When it comes to blood clots and coagulation, clotting factors are proteins found in the blood that work together to make a blood clot, to keep you from bleeding out. But what happens to humans when their blood clots unnaturally, where there is no cut, inside their blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nutrients to vital organs, including the brain? Nearly all medical doctors in America understand that when plaques and tangles in the tissues of the brain accumulate between nerve cells, the result is neurodegenerative. Science proves that these abnormal clusters of sticky chemical proteins and these “spike proteins” can quickly build up and block your brain signals, plus block your heart from doing its job, often leading to heart inflammation, as we’re seeing all across the United States like an epidemic itself, ever since the dirty Covid jabs began.

Now we have mountains of scientific evidence that Covid-19 vaccines, canola oil and margarine all cause plaques and proteins to form and coagulate in the arteries, veins and capillaries, causing blockages (think atherosclerosis) in the blood, leading to strokes, early onset dementia, and all kinds of other chronic damage to the body.

A woman in Oregon developed rare blood clots in her brain, stomach, throat and lungs just 6 DAYS after getting stabbed with the Johnson & Johnson gene-tampering vaccine. Is that how you “stop the spread” of Covid, by stopping the spread of your blood throughout your body and brain? Doctors at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Oregon ran a CT scan on her brain and the chief medical officer said he saw severe blood clotting (with low platelets) all throughout her body.

newstarget. What do Covid-19 vaccines, canola oil and margarine have in common? They all clog your blood