Power Junkies rule by Co/Opting Belief Systems – The Free

But because it has based itself on the manufactured concept of “nation”, rather than on the authentic principle of freedom, this creed will always remain stuck with the idea of top-down authority from its chosen platform of “the nation”. When it comes to this particular level of control, nationalism abandons its calls for autonomy to rally behind the need to respect the rule of the nation-state. Further decentralisation to regional and community level, which should in fact be the logical conclusion of its founding ethos of self-determination, is seen as a threat to the unity of the all-important “nation”.

But, thanks to the device of “the nation”, that desire is hijacked and diverted into enthusiastic support for the state and the ruling clique that uses the state to protect and expand its own wealth and power.

Power Junkies rule by Co/Opting Belief Systems – The Free