Former Cult Member?

As more people step forward in their awakening process they will be seeking community. It is time to create these communities in ways that serve the whole and allow people to serve and express themselves in ways that are safe and empowering. True leadership will lead people to their own wisdom and honour them in the expression of it. Individuality will be celebrated as will growth and wellness. People will be not be told what to do but rather guided into connecting and listening with their own wisdom.

If you have been in a cult and have gotten out, we urge you to understand you are not dumb and there is nothing to be ashamed of. It was your goodness that led you there and that goodness is still there within you. You must take time to unpack all of your spiritual beliefs, one by one. With your wisdom you will start to see which are valid and which had been used inappropriately. This is an opportunity to not throw out your spirituality but rather to hone your discernment. All true spiritual teachings support the empowerment, wellness, and freedom of all involved. Use that template as you unpack your beliefs.

Trinity Esoterics | Daily Message ~ Friday June 11, 2021