Covid-19: Vaccine doses expire in US as uptake falls by 68%

The Most Revolutionary Act

Owen Dyer
British Medical Journal

Millions of vaccines are in danger of being thrown out as the US immunisation campaign hits a wall of vaccine refusal. The US led Canada in first dose coverage by 45% to 35% at the beginning of May, but since then Canada has added a further 29%, and the US just 7%.

US vaccinations peaked at more than 3.4 million a day in April but fell to under a million a day at the beginning of June, with many sites seeing only a trickle of visitors. Vaccinations have since increased to about 1.1 million a day, as states rolled out incentives including cash giveaways.

But the slight improvement is not enough to put the country back on course for President Biden’s target of at least partially vaccinating 70% of US adults by 4 July. Instead, states are on course to throw out millions of doses…

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