Request to conserve energy shows year-round vulnerability of Texas grid

ERCOT officials haven’t pinned down the cause of the mechanical issues that led to the breakdowns just four months after a massive power outage left millions of people in the state without heat or electricity. But some energy experts warn that the recent failures unmask the vulnerability of the state’s grid and that they may portend additional shutdowns should temperatures continue to climb this summer.”

The number of power plants that were online for outages was a bit concerning, given where we are and the temperature,” he told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth. ERCOT officials this week said the number of plants offline for maintenance issues is at least three times the usual number for this time of year, the station reported.

Request to conserve energy shows year-round vulnerability of Texas grid

When you put PROFIT via privatized corporations on top of GREED and sociopaths controlling rates for utilities, you end up with spikes in electricity costs, because they will figure out ways to ‘game’ the system and drive up rates for maximum PROFIT.

Only public utilities should be allowed… with no INSANE PROFIT at any cost motivations.