On The Verge Of The Unthinkable

If this summer is as hot and as dry as they are projecting, we could see catastrophic crop failures all across the West. And that is really bad news, because the state of California alone produces more than a third of our vegetables and about two-thirds of our fruits and nuts. A few years ago, hardly anyone would have imagined that we would be facing a crisis of this magnitude in 2021, but here we are.  Paleoclimatologist Kathleen Johnson is quite “worried” about what will happen this summer, and she is warning that this drought is shaping up to be the worst the region has experienced “in at least 1,200 years”…

According to the Wall Street Journal, TSMC currently makes “around 92% of the world’s most sophisticated chips”…And now experts are telling us that the chip shortage will last into next year under the best of conditions

theeconomiccollapseblo On The Verge Of The Unthinkable

Most of what billionaires are doing makes all of this worse.. drought, famine, war, etc. We are chopping out the lungs of the planet by clearcutting rainforests and polluting the planet with fossil fuels plus nuclear fuels.. while at the same time, injecting poisons into ourselves.

This war on Nature cannot be won. We only cause the extinction of the human race by violating many Natural Laws.