Reality Check —No Top Ten Country by Population Has 50% Of Their Population Fully Vaccinated For Wuhan Virus—Most Less Than 20%


For all the talk , the walk is much harder.

And then again what does it all mean given that fully vaccinated people still get the virus or its derivative and can spread it.

And many people are realizing that the vaccines carry risks with over 500,000 in Europe and North America injured from the vaccines —-and this growing ————over 15.000 dead —-and growing——

June 17, 2021——Source —Our World In Data

TheUS has 44 % of its population fully vaccinated

China ——16%

India —-3.5%



Indonesia —-5%





And some of the other wealthier countries ?

 Germany only 29%, France 23% and UK 45%, , Italy 25%, Canada 16%, Turkey 17%, and Australia 3.5%.

And those four so called enlightened countries of Scandinavia —none over 30%!!

SO IF all these countries bring in vaccination visas /passports or some other silly measure ——international travel will be a…

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