Four British Airway pilots DIE in the same week, just days after getting second covid shot – Dr. Eddy Bettermann MD

A heartbreaking photo is circulating online. The photo shows four British Airway pilots memorialized in framed pictures that are propped up beside four books of condolence. A Reuters fact check just authenticated the picture and confirmed that the four British Airways pilots DIED in the same week, just days after getting a second covid shot. The Reuters fact checker attempts to debunk the link between the deaths and the vaccines after a spokesperson from British Airways tweeted that the four deaths are not linked.

In March 2021, British Airway’s chief executive officer, Sean Doyle, said, “I think people who’ve been vaccinated should be able to travel without restriction.” How can vaccinated people travel without restriction if the vaccine causes real life physical restrictions such as hospitalization, disability and death? From blood clots to facial paralysis to inflammation of the heart: The vaccinated group in this live experiment are facing real-life health restrictions. But out of fear of losing their job, many people are succumbing to this mental and physical abuse just to comply with coercive, rights-stripping company policies.

Mr. Doyle has called on Britain to work with other governments to mandate a digital vaccine and covid testing passport system. British Airways began using a Verifly Mobile Health Passport for flights traveling between London and the US. This discriminatory app gives preferential treatment to the vaccinated and “fast-tracks” them to designated check-in desks, while forcing unvaccinated subjects to surrender their medical privacy, give up their due process rights, and produce a negative covid-19 test as a precondition to their liberty. In their effort to discriminate against non-compliant “anti-vaxxers,” British Airways wants to give vaccinated passengers “preferential treatment,” but can’t even keep their own vaccinated pilots alive.

Four British Airway pilots DIE in the same week, just days after getting second covid shot – Dr. Eddy Bettermann MD