US ‘Intervention Has Directly Led to the Conditions Migrants Are Fleeing’

The point of going back to a lot of that history, and particularly looking at the 2009 coup d’état in Honduras (we’re about to see the 12th anniversary of that) is not necessarily to assign blame, although it’s important to understand that, but to really take into account how these forms of intervention have directly led to the conditions that migrants are fleeing in Central American countries and, again, particularly in Honduras.

Supposedly, under Central American cooperation plans, over the last decade at least, there’s been a lot of US taxpayer money invested in training police in human rights, in training the military. And then many of these same military people who’ve been trained, at the School of Americas in the United States and other facilities, end up being the major violators of human rights, including extrajudicial executions, sexual abuse, a whole litany of abuses that later come out.

J: Let me just ask you, finally: When Berta Cáceres was killed, there was—in the US media—there was outcry. They covered it, major media covered it. But in that coverage, we at FAIR found that almost no one mentioned that the regime, the leadership that was involved in that, none of them connected to the 2009 coup, or the fact that that coup was supported by the US under Barack Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In other words, any potential involvement of the US in that crime was erased from the coverage.

FAIR US ‘Intervention Has Directly Led to the Conditions Migrants Are Fleeing’