Happy “Independence” Day”

People who’ve experienced spiritual enlightenment talk about how they now see how everyone’s stories about life are false. Opening your eyes to what’s going on in our world is very much the same: seeing the propaganda narratives which have nothing to do with what’s true or real.

If you ignored the intense partisan narratives and just dispassionately observed the large-scale behaviors of money, resources and weapons, you’d have no idea the US got a new president in January. But if you listen to the narratives, it’s supposedly a night-and-day difference between this administration and the last one.

Whether you’re talking about personal narratives or mass-scale narratives, they are entirely different from life as it actually is. The babbling stories in our minds are simply ineffective tools for describing reality; the more we get our heads above them, the clearer we can see.

informationclearinghouse Opinion: – Happy “Independence” Day”