Thorium and Uranium Mining in Haiti? Summary-Conclusions

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Dr. Christian Sanon has been accused of being implicated in the assassination of Haitian President Moise. For that reason, people have turned to this old video where he discusses the topic of mining and oil and gas: “Dr. Christian Sanon on Corruption in Politics These were topics that this blog discussed early on.

Eight years ago, this blog was still named “Haiti Mining Awareness”. The original objective of the blog was to make three posts about three mining companies in Haiti. For those who lack the time or inclination to scan through our original post entitled “Thorium and Uranium Mining in Haiti?”, we are posting part of the intro and the conclusion. At the time, the blog ran as a rolling blog, all on one page. So, the post has about 30 entries, which cover various aspects of mining in Haiti and the dangers of ionizing radiation…

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