Eviation Rolls Out 100% Electric Airplane Alice’s Production Version | CleanTechnica

In November 2020, Eviation said it was indeed on track to deliver its first Alice electric airplanes to customer in 2022. Yes, that customer is still Cape Air, which is a regional aircraft carrier in New England, USA. Steve Hanley provided an update on the dream of the electric aviation startup. “Alice is built for regional flights up to 650 miles at a cruising speed of 276 mph. That covers journeys like from San Jose to San Diego or London to Prague. While conventional planes fly faster, electric planes like Alice are 2 to 3 orders of magnitude quieter than commercial jet aircraft and could use shorter runways. Those factors mean they can fly into and out of smaller airports that are closer to travelers’ final destinations.”“

‘I think it’s important that the industry looks at its responsibilities to the planet and makes itself more sustainable in terms of emissions, but it needs to work economically,’ Bar-Yohay says. Alice costs about $200 per flight hour to operate. A turboprop with similar performance costs between $1,200 and $2,000 per flight hour, meaning ticket prices for Alice could be substantially less than those for conventional aircraft. Lots of people might be delighted to add an hour or two to their flight if they can fly for half the money.”

Eviation Rolls Out 100% Electric Airplane Alice’s Production Version | CleanTechnica