Top 10 China flu FAILS by lying governments and fraudulent health “authorities” – Dr. Eddy Bettermann MD

We live in a country where most people don’t believe that the food is intentionally slow-poisoned to send us all to doctors and hospitals, over time, suffering from “incurable ills” that end up costing us more than our paychecks could ever cover. We also live in a country where most people don’t believe that prescription medicine and vaccines are intentionally slow-poisoned to keep our “incurable ills” incurable, but “treatable” for profits and population control. Sadly, it’s all true.

All the Covid “safety” guidelines, rules, procedures, mandates and “laws” have been a farce. A lie. Cover-ups for insidious agendas that always seem to fool at least 50 percent of Americans, especially when it comes to fear-based medicine and pandemic propaganda. 

  1. Masks don’t work (they breed bacteria and restrict oxygen flow, lowering immunity).
  2. Social distancing doesn’t help.
  3. Store closures and low “maximum capacity” was a disaster.
  4. Vaccines are deadlier than Covid-19, causing blood clots and myocarditis.
  5. Delta Variant is the cover story for vaccine-induced deaths and injuries.
  6. Covid-19 inoculated humans are more susceptible to catch and die from morphed variants.
  7. Vaccines are a form of depopulation, causing 4 out of 5 babies in the womb to be spontaneously aborted.
  8. Not one single brand of the Covid vaccine has been properly approved by the FDA, as all are labeled “medical experiment” for “emergency use” authorization only.
  9. Nearly all patients currently hospitalized from Covid Delta variant already got the Covid vaccine!