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“Ultimately, these are systems of power and domination. And they can make arbitrary rules that might go against your fundamental values of who you are as a being. And they may not be logical, and they may not make sense. And so once you are put in a system that is almost like a digital panopticon, how do we navigate that? Because then we will be forced. They will know, and potentially, even know your thoughts, ‘wrongthink.’ When positions are asserted that just go against fundamentally, your moral being, like every fiber of your moral being in consciousness, our conscience, that’s a real concern. And I think that’s something that we’ve seen over the past year, is that rules change. They seem arbitrary, they seem to not necessarily make sense. If you question the rules, then there are draconian consequences. … Do we think that they have our best interests at heart? I don’t think so. … We are incredibly powerful in all of this. We should not underestimate that, especially if we come from a place of love. And it’s hard in this place of fear and anger to get there, but I think coming from a place of love and connection is really going to be key.” – Alison McDowell

Maybe you will get a universal basic income, a chunk of money, not very much money, really, to try to scrape by. But it will be conditional on if anyone has spent time in the welfare system. There are all sorts of rules. It’s almost a full-time job just to navigate all the rules of the welfare state, the bureaucracy.

So, in order to access this affordable housing, a food subsidy, education, you’re going to be expected to jump through these hoops, and that will be part of your unique identifier. It will not simply be, here, you need to be able to demonstrate your medical compliance. That’s it.


No. It’s once you have the unique identifier tied to the medical compliance, then they will link it over, and we’ve seen-I think in The Economist, they just issued-the cover story was Govcoin. It will not simply ever just stop with managing your body and managing your “health.”

It will be about managing your access to training, managing your access to food, to housing, to many other situations. And it will all be about, essentially, predictably, profiling you all the time, and then monitoring your compliance.

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