X Shore Electric Boat Dubbed “Tesla of the Sea” | CleanTechnica

When you’ve got an electric car and perhaps solar panels on your roof, next on the bucket list has to be collecting an electric boat. We’ve covered a few exciting-looking options over the years. The newest one to cross our lighthouse is the X Shore Eelex 8000. Tech journalist John Koetsier has dubbed it “the Tesla of the sea.”

It certainly looks cool and has a premium-class style to it. Also, aside from being 100% electric, the X Shore Eelex 8000 is a “smart boat.” It can be unlocked and turned on (remotely even if you wish) via a proprietary smartwatch and mobile app from X Shore. Naturally, it also has an “autopilot” mode. The performance cruiser has the following specs:

26 feet long

300 HP electric motor

120-kWh battery

35 knots max speed

25 knots cruising speed.

X Shore Electric Boat Dubbed “Tesla of the Sea” | CleanTechnica